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What type of tires/rims??? Askin

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I am wondering where what do the gasser normally use for rims and tires, also if any of them can fit the 6 spoke off of a 92 dakota first generation. Yes I know the vehicle does not fit the criteria of a normal gasser but its my first time when trying a gasser, and my first build we all were once virgins at car building. So please any help with my project would be helpful.
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Welcome, TCdakota.

Most gassers had as big a rear tire as there was available when they were built. The fronts were usually as small and light as possible for weight savings.

Yours is a Dodge Dakota, right? A pickup? That would be the first pickup on here. You going to put a straight axle under the front? My brother has a first gen Dakota. It might be a cool one. Don't worry, there are several different types of gassers on here. All are welcome.

Any pictures? We love those.

Most popular wheels are tall and skinny fronts, with tall and wide rears. Something in the range of a 3.5"-4.5", 15" or 14" fronts. Backs early on were usually not more than 8", just because that was as wide as they could find back then, but later much wider tires as they became available.
I'm running 15"x3.5" fronts, and 12"x29.5" rears on a 8.5"x15" wheel. Slots all around on mine.
Welcome TC, glad to have you on the site. The tire sizes varied thru the years according to what was available and what type of car they were on. Some of the early Willys and GM coupes etc had larger wheelwell openings so as time went by they were able to put larger/wider tires on. Then many started cutting the wheelwell arch and they were able to get really wide slicks on. Personally I like the look of the largest tire you can fit even if it means radiusing the wheelwell, like many '50 model cars did. As long as the tire does not extend beyond the fenders farthest point. Just a personal preference. You just have to be willing to cut on the car and many don't want to do that, for good reasons. You said the rims weref rom a '92 Dakota but is that the vehicle you are gasserfying? Like Mike said, we are all open to all builds here. Matter of fact, being different is why this board exists. Mark L
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No I am driving a dodge dakota, first gen and I thought hey why not be different since this truck will probably die with me, "18 years and the previous owners never washed it except maybe rain." and I quite like the looks and feel on the gassers so why not eh. Though getting back to the rims, you guys said its quite possible for me to find larger rims, do you have online sites or places to view and decide what type of wheels to get, or mainly find lying around. Also I would love to show you guys my vehicle how do you post it on your site or do you have a sub forum you want me to post it in. I aswell have a user in the dodge forum if your interested, though I don't want to spread the word that I am going gasser most of thoughs guys just like to jack up there trucks to prove a point and one or two can be a little harsh on different ideas and thoughts.
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As for where to find rims,etc. It's usually checking for sale ads on Craigslist, Ebay, or even here! I got my front tires and wheels from another forum member here. Looking for tires or examples of what might look good, then you might check the albums here and see what people are running.
I personally like rear tires hanging out, as that was pretty common in the 60's gassers.
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