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What events do you plan on attending this year?

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Well its a new year and time to start thinking about what events that might be on tap for this year.

Gasser Reunion at Beaver Springs Pa.
Thompson Gasser/Nostalgia race Oh.
Meltdown Drags Byron Ill.
Blue Suede Cruise Norwalk Ohio.
Nostalgia Drags at Milan Mi.
Beach Bend NHRA Reunion.
Funny Car Nationals Marion County Oh.

These are just a few of them. There is some great club events I am sure and some car shows that should not be missed also. I would like to go to everything that I listed but it will not happen but I am going to try to make at least 1 or 2 of the bigger events and several local races. List what you guys are doing and local events or others.

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Hi jon, Definately going to NHRA reunion. anyone who hasnt been there and likes gassers sure are missing it.thompson and beaver springs.If i can get my drag car back up and running i will try to go to meltdowndrags.Hope to see some of you members at some. thanks Roy
We will be going to Thompson and Beaver Springs. Check out our local nostalgia series that runs @ Empire dragway. The web site is Brian
Both nostalgia events at Oahe Speedway, Pierre, SD., and maybe the one in Eddyville, Ia.
Hey, i'll tell you agreat place to be this summer if you get the chance. you all probably know it but i will post this anyway. sommerset ky. somernite cruise. just go to this link and check it out.
Roy, that cruise looks like a great time! Brian
Just saw the flyer for the Meltdown Drags in Byron . Would LOVE to make it to that.
I will have to keep an eye out for ya at Byron,,,I live about an hour and a half from there,,,,,,,,
With gas at well over $3.00 a gallon this summer, it's hard to say what I'll end up at. Planning on Beaver Springs, Jalopy Showdown in Lattimore, Philadelphia Modifiers at Atco, and probably most Tues. And Sat. at Atco.
I am planning to go to the
Detroit Autorama, Cruisin Downriver, Cruisin Michigan Ave., Cruisin Telegragh, and the Woodward Dream Cruise. Also, many local cruise nights in my area.
Hey Ken, always wanted to go to woodward dream cruise but just never got too or wouldnt take the time.Man i''ll bet theres a lot of cool cars there.
Hey Ken, always wanted to go to woodward dream cruise but just never got too or wouldnt take the time.Man i''ll bet theres a lot of cool cars there.
You bet there are a lot of cars. It takes one hour to drive one mile when you are between 9 Mile and 16 Mile. A million and a half people, and probably 50,000 cool cars. The only car I haven't seen there yet is a Tucker. But that doesn't mean there wasn't one there. It is well worth the trip. some people come up and stay Monday thru Friday and leave before the actual day. There is tons of stuff to see all week and it isn't as crowded.
I plan on going to the NHRA Hot ROD Reunion at Beech Bend,the US 60 Nostalgia Drags May 14th,the The Lake Cumberland Nostalgia Drags June 4th,and Ky.Hall of Fame Nostalgia Nationals July 30th at Beech Bend. Also plan on going to the Somernites Cruise Drags on their fun run. Looks like a good summer of drag racing here in the Bluegrass State and all within a 150 mile radius of my home.
Hey Gassers, does anyone plan on going to NSRA at louisville this year? What do you think of the rule change on letting later model cars in? Man alot of the old time hot rodders dont like it.
Some might be interested in the 1/8mi nostalgia style event at Pacemakers in Mt. Vernon, OH on May 22. Goes from 8am-5pm. Neat little track that hasn't changed much since it's opening. Tech is nearly non-existant. It's a great time.
Also there is a "Gathering of the Geezers" every year at Kil-Kare in Xenia, OH. Organized by Ed Crowder. Last year it was the first sunday in August. Not sure about this year. Turn-out was huge and racing was non-stop. Definitely worth looking into.
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