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Well. let me explain.

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Went down to Tucson to drop off more parts for my engine build. This is what happened.

Some Dude said I was stupid for building a gasser, it was crap, So we went at it.

Mark L
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Mark, if that's for real, I hope the other guy is in a lot worse shape!
Hey Ray. Just having some fun. I hit myself causing the damage. taking an engine head out of the trunk on my car, I hit my head on the trunk lid, causing me to drop my head down and hitting it on a rocker stud on the head. Purely reactionary but it was a bang/bang play. The pic with the jail plackcard was for fun. Mark L
OH gosh mark, hope you didnt hurt the head.
Boy, I would've stuck with the first!
are you related to otis?
Glad it wasn't worse Mark.......good one tho ! he he....
Nice shiner! It's going to be embarrassing explaining that one.

I haven't hit myself in the head hard enough to go to the hospital since the early 80s. :cool:

Come work with me, hehe! I can change that, and take the pressure off of hitting myself, HA! You know, share the wealth. Went to a restaurant the next day and was it funny watching the people look at my eye, give that ouch look, and turn away so i would not see them looking. Was fun. mark L
Hey Mark it looks good on you, ladies love it LOL!!! Only tuff guys drive gassers! Glad you are ok.

I gotta quit leading with my head though, ha! Mark L
At least it was you in the resturant with the shiner. My wife got one in a car accident and you should see the looks "I" got at the resturant. I felt like wearing a sign that said I didn't do it!
Glad you're OK.
That's one of the disadvantages of teaching full contact martial arts. Black eyes and broken bones from the neck up,were a monthly occurance for me for many years. I would always tell people that my wife abused me. They knew I was full of it when they would meet her. She's 100 lbs and a sweety pie.
Even when ya smile it hurts,,,huh ?
I got a nice shiner working on my first car in 1982. I was replacing the ball joints. the ball joint fork slipped and hit me right above the right eye. At first I was pissed cause I did it. then I realized the side of my face felt wet, and it was. I walked in the house for a better look and sure enough I opened my head up. I called for my girlfriend's mother, she said "Just a minute." When she walked out in the hall and saw the blood on my face she went, "Oh my God!"
When my girlfriend got home from her dad's machine shop (she driven out to get a pry bar for me) her and her mom got in to an argument over who was driving me to the ER? I told my girlfriend, "Get in, I'm driving."
It only took 11 stitches. no big deal.
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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