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Very cool CD! My favorite..

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Great tunes..... ...... fortunately for Pittsburgh hot rodders we have two "AM Stations" that still play oldies/Doo *** everyday of the week. It's great to have the "oldies" playing when working on the car!!!!

Having A/C in our workshop has also been a GREAT thing to have..... especially this year with all the record-setting HOT days. Buying an air conditioner was a last minute "add-on" when I was building the workshop. The workshop was built right before I retired back in 2005.

Initially the workshop was built for building and working on motorcycles/choppers which I thought I would do to "keep me busy" when I retired. Shortly after that the motorcycle market disappeared and I re-injured my back/neck which put a damper on my motorcycle building & riding . Eventually I totally lost interest 2-wheelers and started selling off all my motorcycle & chopper goodies.

Even though the workshop is large enough (2 car+ garage size) I did not put garage doors on it because at the time I thought it would be used for motorcycles/choppers. Plus for tax classification having "barn doors" rather than a "garage door" allowed me to classify the building as a storage building and NOT a garage.

Well.... the OPEL is so small it will fit into the workshop with only "minor modifications" to the door frame, etc.

BTW..... Wolfman Jack passed away way too soon. He did a lot to "keep the oldies alive"!!!!
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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