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Thought I'd try and find a vintage Sun tach and a 3 spoke custom steering wheel used, Holy crap they are proud of them now. Would love to have a Dixco or Sun tach with the chrome cup. Also wanted a 15 in steering wheel, found several 13 in ones, anyway I figured I'd just go with new fake vintage ones instead. Who will know?:LOL:
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You may have saved yourself some grief on the vintage tachs, as a number of them wont work with modern distributors, and can even take them out. I had a friend give me a neat old Mallory tach when I built my Austin, and I was excited to get it. Installed it right away, and fired the car up to check function. It ran for about 15 seconds just fine, and then it pegged full scale and died.
My Austin has a Pertronix points eliminator electronic kit, and MSD 6AL box.
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