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tri fives rule

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;)hey, everone this is another great site for the best cars ever made tri fives. i cut my teeth on a 56. will post some picture of my 55's soon.
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Welcome to

I know you will like it here and make many new friends.

otis :)
Welcome to the GasserHotrods site rlbutcher. Where is Willamsport near in Ky.? I live in the Lake Cumberland area. I have a 55 Chevy that bought in 1967 and sold in 1969.Then bought back in 1971 and have had all this time.Trying to get the car back to the track in 2011.
mr. 396, i am 50 miles south of Ashland ky. just outside paintsville..
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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