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Does that fit under a stock hood or did you have to cut a hole. What size engine did you have it on with those 390 carbs? How is it on the street???
It fit under the hood of my 55 but I trimmed the base of the air cleaners and run a nut on the front. Even at that it did put a witness mark on the underside of the hood.
It needs to be dialed in to work on the street. It ran OK but would foul spark plugs once in a while. I put 800 miles on the car and had to change the plugs 3 times. Of course most of the miles were town driving and my gearing is too high.
My car has a truck 350 bottom end and camel hump 194 heads with a edelbrock RPM cam.

I may even throw in those valve covers if someone is interested.
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