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Do some grinding on the floor, then try to cut an inch or so outside of the rust. If it's just a flat piece that's rusted, fairly easy to make a pattern out of posterboard and do the necessary trimming with a scissors or razor knife to get the fit right, then trace the template pattern on to some sheetmetal (I usually use 20ga.). If the piece is any bigger then about 12" X 12", it would be best to do a bead roll or two in the panel for strength. Depending on how "invisible" you want the patch to be you can either butt weld the new panel to the old floor, or flange one piece or the other, add 1/2" all around the new piece for the flange area and weld it in that way.... Normal sheet metal welding procedures apply, good penetration high strenght welds done just a few tacks at a time so as not to distort or warp any of the metal.....
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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