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When I was a kid my dad had a 1 ton chain fall. The first time I used it was when I was 14 years old, my cousin borrowed it and I helped him pull the motor out of his 56 Ford. His neighbors had a huge Avocado tree that had a big branch that extended over into my cousins back yard. We took some rope, wrapped it around the branch a few times, hung the chain fall and went to work. When I was 17 I needed to pull the motor out of my first car. We lived an old 2 story house that had a balcony that extended over the driveway and had some big exposed 8 x 12 beams. I got a piece of pipe wide enough to lay across 2 of them and used the chain fall. It got more use with some of my buddies cars. Nobody had the extra cash to rent a cherry picker back then. When I moved into my first apartment a buddy and I rented a small garage/shop. The owner had an A frame made out of pipe that he let us use whenever we needed it. When I bought my first home the prior owner had built a great 2 car garage in the back. I took 2 2x4's long enough to bolt on either side of the garage rafters with a shorter 2x4 sandwiched in between them and hung the chain fall from it with a couple hooks above to hang the chain from when not using it. It got a lot of use because I was building motors for extra money back then. When I got married and moved, the chain fall went with me. It's been sitting in a milk crate in the attic for the last 33 years because now I borrow a neighbors cherry picker when I need to.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts