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Theres room yet on the trailer

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Well Friday I went to pickup a big block chevy down country and well we had my small trailer and had lots of room left. So it's kinda like an ugly puppy (if there is such a thing) I had to bring it home....

Comments from my Wife OMG thats ugly ..... But would make a cool gasser ....
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hey Steve congrats on the find. would definitely make a cool gasser.
Now that should be fun to build, wont take much h.p. to make it move.

Ya just finding the room :D :D for the drive train , this thing is tiny :eek:
Look for somebody selling a rear from a dragster, you can make the rest up with tire. Just a thought....
Hey it would make a cool life size muscle machine :D :D
It didn't have a title with it but I kinda thought I wouldn't put it back on the street any ways. It's not often ya see them anymore and it wouldn't take up a whole lot of room. I am going to have my son clean it up make it look a little sweeter and see who falls in love with it for the right bucks :cool: If it hangs out long enough it may find a chassis under it.
Ha Ha , that thing could be alot of fun . Maybe find a wrecked s-10 and yank the 4.3 and the manual out of it and make a super nice driver.
Hey I sold it :eek: I put it on ebay and it lasted about 15 minutes and it was gone. :D :D
Hey, a whole new reality show---Flip that Gasser!!! heh. Mark L
Mark , I like it , it would have to go over bigger then those house shows :)
The old boy I bought my 55 from had an old Crosley wagon with a smallblock and a straight axle. You pretty much sat in the rear of the car. He never ran it and I refused to make the first pass with it. Just looked like too much of a handful,,,even with a conservative small block. Those cars are so tiny-Keith
We have a friend here in Nor Cal, with a crosley , widened it 1 foot, injected blown 468 chevy, when he gets it out I get a pic for you guys....
I was at the local Book store about 3 weeks ago. When I came out, parked right next to me was a deep green Crosley pickup in complete and unmodified stock original condition. Since than I have seen it tooling around the city here and there. Big sign in the window. "NO--IT AIN'T FER SALE", spelled just like that. When I went to look at my '63 Catalina the owner was a car collector. He also had a Crosley pickup in his yard but he said he would never sell it. It was given to him after the death of a very good friend. It was in good shape but needed work. The neat thing (not my tastes but neat none the less) was that it had full rear pickup fender wheelwell skirts. This gentleman was in to lowriders and planned some day to build a low rider Crosley pickup. Mark L
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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