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I should wait till I can say I have my car back and all before I go on about how great it runs.

But OMG does it run GREAT!!!!!! lol

All I heard was over the phone, I was not even there. But the owner of the shop actually called me just so I could hear it my self in some small way. It sounded like it was anxious! The rumble of the cam is way different than my 383. It doesn't hack quite as much as the 383 did. It has a throb to the exhaust note that was killing the phone. He said it was solid, smooth, tight, and revved so fast and snappy up and then down he couldn't stop doing it!

But the strange thing was, just a couple days ago I was treated like a second class idiot! Now I'm a first class idiot! Ya the owner had nothing good to say about my new engine when I first brought up the idea. Naturally he could build me a much better engine and would only cost "a little" more than what my 434 cost me.

Today, he is like an almost nice guy, and admitted I had really out done my self with this beauty. He was even pretty impressed on how they match the paint color of my engine to the car from three pictures. I still am waiting on the driveshaft, and Monday should get it done.

And Monday the tint man is coming to the shop to lay out the deep red window tint on all but the windshield.

Mickey Thompson drag radials or something similar will be out back to help get me moving. And new set of as deep as I can get on my car, Cragar S/S's all around.

The LED tail lights are the best I have ever seen for getting seen!!! Before it looked like old candles in the old lenses. Now when I hit the brakes, they see the light clear thru the back of there heads their so bright and instant on! No wondering if my turn signals are on day or night.

I have some LED lights on the way for the front signals. I can see out my back window for the first time in the rear view mirror now that the car sits near level. Before all I could see was the trunk, and had to turn all the way around in the seat to back up.

Not always easy for an old fart like me. No mirrors on the out side of the car, I asked about that when I bought the car and he looked at me funny.

Said "what's behind you don't matter". Changing lanes in heavy traffic in my car alone with nobody to spot the cars was about impossible before. I think it will be better now. I wonder how it will handle and drive in general now being leveled out so much.

And I wonder what the stage 3 2004R will feel like thru the gears, and I wonder if it will "bark" the tires if I leave it in drive and step on it some.

Should be next week for once and for all. Lord help us all then when I get on here bragging and going on and on about how scary-fast I think it is and on and on. You all think I just might be ate up with this little red & white meenie? I think I'm nutts! lol..
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