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Boy I'm hooked on speed now! I always was of course, but except for on motorcycles I have never been over 110 or so in the quarter mile. Friday night I went to the drags for the first time.

I drove the car 45 miles each way to and from the track, and bought 5 gallons for racing VP racing fuel when I got to the track. They were having a import only run when I got there.

I don't care for the looks or sounds or anything else about those ugly little toads. But that said, I love the monster horsepower that some of those 4 cylinder engines put out! And one Mazda rotary powered car made a shriek going down the track that would give you chills!

My Nova ran two 11 second quarters in the 11.20's @ around 123.mph. One time was 11.20 even and the other 11.27. First time to lower the tire pressure to 15 lbs and the first time to use VHT for traction. I didn't even do a burn out, just pulled to the line and let it eat.
No spin! And a huge lunge in back that sent tingles up my shoulders and up my neck that I knew was "G" forces just beginning closing my vision in as well! And at that instant, second gear hit " I left it in drive " and all that was gone instantly.

And it didn't wheelie hardly at all, just a little bounce off the line a few inches. Man third gear winds way out in drive, never hits fouth in the quarter. Its the first time I stood on it and just let it run thru the gears at will.

I wonder how fast it is on the top end in fourth with the converter locked running 1 to 1? I'm running 3.70's. I bet I could get into the 10's with some lower gears.

Cant wait to be out in California on the 27th at the Gasser's 3 event in El Segundo.
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