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Thanks Steve..... tell you're better 1/2 it "does NOT have to be "SHEET METAL" for you to "fix things".

As HAPPY as I am to have the Opel.... a different and also survivor car that I am happy to own..... BUT..... Just mention the word "Willys" and I'll be all over it.

That's what happened when I first saw this NEW THREAD..... after writing my lengthy reply (as usually - 2nd only to Sir Markus SoLongHeWriteTiUs) I tried to enter my reply and it did not go through ..... got a message warning that said the thread was "closed". Then to make matters worse my entire message was GONE!!! After all that two-finger typing.... lost the whole thing.....OUCH!!!!

So Steve got the thread fixed up. I know Vall will like to see it because he has been kicking around some Willys pickup ideas.

I had a chance to buy one back in the mid 70's. It had just been converted back to the street after years of going a 1/4 mile at time. Asking price was $3000 which seemed more than reasonable back then. Sadly, with just buying a home & already building a '40 Chevy street/strip gasser I had to pass on the Willys.

This Willys belongs to a friend who lives near to New Orleans.... this is almost identical to the one I passed on back in the day......

If I only knew then what I know now.
1 - 19 of 19 Posts
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