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I got a cool gift. It sounds kinda funny, but man does it work good. My daughter got me this hat (from Sears it says Craftsman) with 3-LEDs. She said now we won't have to search for a flashlight then find another one because the first one's batteries are dead. She's a good kid.

I broke it in yesterday (grease on the brim) so now it's official.




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Mike I like that hat! I bought my brother a camo one for when he goes fishing when it's early and still dark outside. I think i'll get one for myself.

Steve is right we can all use more time to work on our cars.

For Christmas I got an MSD tach adapter to make my vintage Sun tach work with the MSD ignition box. I also got a couple of magazines too. Hot Rod Deluxe and and Rod & Kulture.
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