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Sent my old truck away today

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After picking up the '69 Burb I didn't need the old '84 Toyota 4x4 anymore, so I sold it to a friend's son in law. Had that old truck for 23 years, and it's weird to see it go, and not sitting in the driveway. Nothing special about it, except extremely low miles (170,000) but it was like part of the family after all that time. Hope the next owner enjoys it as much as I did over the years!
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That's funny, low miles at 170k. I guess it is true. My brother has over 220k on his 87. He just went crazy and had a built 22re done up on it. He says it's difficult to drive it slow now... They just keep going and going... Hopefully the kid won't wreck it. Besides, with the Austin and the Camaro you have a couple of really fun cars to keep! Sharin' the love!


Yeah 170,000 seems like a lot, but when I was looking to repalce it everything I looked at that was over 8 yrs. old had that mileage! That's less than 5,000 miles a year for 37 yr. old truck!
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