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Redline Racer

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Hi! They call me Redliner,I am from the town of Morrison Il.I have owned this old Stude for 25 years or so,since gassers were just old racecars not the icons they are now.I have had several different engines in the old Stude but the latest is a pumpgas 383/Liberty modified TKO 600/4:88 Olds rear. I am still doing some testing and plan to put the 5:38s back in and see how that works. Best time with this street driven combo is 11.32/119.48 The car bogs severely as soon as it hits the tires,I must back off the clutch a bit after I change the screws to my 5:38s.One change at a time...I think it should turn 10.8s or so....time will tell...What the heck I get groceries with this thing....I drove 50 miles the the Torquefest @70-75mph and got 10 mpg!!! Ya gotta love that .64-1 overdrive!!!! Later,Redliner:cool:
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Welcome Redliner! Love the wheels up avatar. Studes rule! I think there are a couple other ones on here. 10mpg :D Nice!

Thanks Mike! I look forward to all the knowledge on this site! R~R
Great looking Studebaker! Is that around '41 or '46?
Thanx Austin! It is a 42 but the 46s are identical due to WWII
Great to have you on board redliner. Love the Stude. Love to see more pics of it here. I'm always looking for ideas on mounts, frame works, parts, etc from guys that have been doing it for years. I've been into cars since '67 but never had enough money to really build a car. Always adding something to an existing vehicle but now I'm building %90 of mine. So I love to see picks of built cars. Good to see you here. Mark L
A Studebaker that dangles the front tires!!!! LOVE IT!!!!!!

Welcome Aboard!!
Thanx all! I have some more shots of this car on the H.A.M.B. Redlineracer 42 I think...
Welcome Redliner, Kookamonga...Michigan...?
Thanks for all the welcomes! I am from north western Il. 406Rich...I just say Kookamonga...hahaha
I'm originally from Elkorn WI. Just east of Janesville WI. So you were not too far from me. My son went to Platteville for college. Is Morrison where Arnie Beswick comes from? Mark L
I'm originally from Elkorn WI. Just east of Janesville WI. So you were not too far from me. My son went to Platteville for college. Is Morrison where Arnie Beswick comes from? Mark L
Ya, I have known Arnie since I was a kid in the early 70s.I have some cool stories...Lotta gearheads in that little 1 horse town!
Arnie Rocks! Just sayin'... :)
Welcome Redliner .......... glad to have you on board .......... gorgeous old Stude :cool::cool:
My son worked one summer at a speed shop (in WI) during college. Arnies other '63 Tempest (white car) had major problems with the motor while they were at Great Lakes Dragaway and they brought the Tempest to the shop. So my son called me and told me to get my butt down there and meet Arnie. I left in such a hurry I'm lucky I remembered shoes, heh. Arnie is like your best old buddy. You'd think he knew you all your life, and I just met him. I was still building the turbo sytem on my TA, which he was very interested (again, as if he knew me all my life). Took me over to his truck and pulled out shirts and track flyers and then---he grabbed one of the pistons out of the broken motor and signed it for me.

He is a CLASS guy. Then right after that he had his crash where he got burned so badly. So glad he was OK, burned but OK. Mark L

P.S. My son got loads of pics of Arnies motor while they worked on it.
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He is a cool cat indeed! I saw his shop burning as I sat in my jr. high school classroom,knowing what was burning.....a couple miles away as the crow flies...many moons ago...
Welcome. I'm a newbie here myself. Like your car.
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