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Rear spring rates

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Would anyone have an idea on the rear coil spring rate on a 57 chevy? All steel, 15 gallon fuel cell with a trunk mounted battery. I have leaf springs on it now but thinking about coil springs with 48 in ladder bars. I'm thinking 200 lb but haven't got access to scales and would like to get some what close the first time. Also, this has an 8.50 cage in it.
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If you're going the coilover, ladder bar or 4 link route any of the major manufactures' tech guys should have all the information and recommendations for the correct spring rate you need for your application.
I think even if the coilovers are vertically mounted 200 lbs. is pretty low number. I'd think 250 lbs. would be closer. But I'd weigh the car with scales at each tire, and then call QA1 and ask them what spring rate they recommend for it.
After putting on the deck lid by myself I think you are right Vall, dang that thing was heavy. If you could afford to buy fiberglass, you couldn't afford shipping. I was quoted $106 to ship a lower, 23 in wide, door skin the other day!!
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