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Hello from misery ( Missouri) , gassers rule!!! Am building a 55 chev straight axle,
400 sb Enderle stack injection. Doug Nash 5 spd. 9" rear.
NOT THE BADDEST, but maybe the most fun !!
Patina !! No wax or polish !!!
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Sounds cool, post some pics of how it's going. And welcome!

Patina. Is that like never wash it, and let it rust? ;) Sounds kinda like my Austin. Someday I hope to get rid of my "patina".
Welcome Rascal and good to have you on the board. Keep us up to date by going to the project section and start a thread on your build. We feed off each others work. Always room for one more Gasser around here. Mark L
Welcome from the left coast, but I think most of the gassers in this part of the country must be hiding....we need pics of your build....
Hey rascal welcome. love those 55's. Really like mo. been there several times. Branson, cruised rt 66 all the way cross. mosey on over to beech bend this weekend.
Welcome! We're a picture hungry bunch around here, so be prepared. Build it to have fun with, and drive the wheels off it when it's finished.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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