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Question for the group....looking for suggestions

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I'm not here to promote the business, actually been having a lot of fun reading all the posts and seeing different ways of doing things...yeah even us old dogs can have new ideas sometimes lol! However I am wondering if there is any need for a "parts store" aimed at gassers and home builders.....we have the ability to make about damn near anything (if its not already a stock item for us) and I do tons of gassers for those who don't know me. Are there parts or pieces that guys are having trouble making at home or can't find good quality stuff on the net? I have been toying with the idea of adding a "builders section" to my website where guys can buy brackets, straight axles, ladder bars, hair pins etc. All our stuff is USA made and since we build it in house we can customize for your application. Similiar to welders series stuff, but ours is generally assembled for less than what they sell the diy kit for. We can also CNC cut brackets on a 1 to 1000 basis from a print or (like most of my ideas lol) a sketch on a coffee stained napkin.
I would love to hear what guys have been finding difficult and see if there is any way we can help. If this offends anyone I will gladly remove the post.
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Why not? Show us what you have...

You could be on to something. I'd be interested as well!
Absolutley a great idea. Maybe we can get a Services/Parts suppy section. I was thinking of finding someeone that could make a straight axle using all of my '57 Chevy truck beam axle parts. Basically swap al the spindles etc onto to a custom length straight axle. Just don't know until I get my motor home and the final bill if I have the money for it right now. I think a section like that would be a great idea. Mark L
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