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Pulled the rearend today.

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The 10 bolt GM rearend I put in my Austin gasser was one a friend had narrowed by Dutchmans, and although it was really cheap to me, it was still an open differential with 2.73 gears. Figured it would eventually need to get new gears and a posi or locker, but it happened a bit sooner than planned.
Last Sun. it started making noises under acceleration. Was fine at steady speed, or deceleration, but I knew the spounds meant the ring and pinion were going away. Anyway I pulled it out today and opened it up to find lots of microscopic sparkles in the lube, so it's getting reworked sooner than expected.
Haven't decided on a gear ratio, or what type of posi yet. Something between 3.55 to 4.11 for sure. I'd like to go in the middle and get 3.73 if I can find a deal on that ratio. The car only weighs about 2400 lbs. and with the 327 it doesn't need really low gears for a mostly street gasser.
Not sure if I'll go conventional posi, or a locker to tie the axles together. Either will be fine, so it's more aboput the cost of each than a preference. I've got a locker in my 427 Camaro, and I love it, so might go that route again.
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