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We will meet at Bobby Mackey's in Wilder, Ky at 11 a.m. be gassed up and ready to go. We won't be stopping at a gas station so please be topped off with gas before getting to Mackey's.

We will be cruising the back roads most of the way so it should be a nice peaceful drive. We will hit Rabbit Hash first and check out the town before cruising to Butler, Ky for a grill out at Jeff's house. Please bring a covered dish or pop if you can.

Jeff's address for the grill out after our Rabbit Hash Cruise is.

1234 Burlew Lane
Butler, Ky 41006

Just in case someone gets lost or has to split off from the group for whatever reason.

May 19th we are going to meet at Bobby Mackey's Country Music Night Club at 11 am. Then we will head to Rabbit Hash. We will cruise at a nice speed it's not a race. After enjoying the sights and the General Store of Rabbit Hash, Ky we will go to Some place some time to get some thing to eat! :lol: I'm sure after the great car ride the kids will be more than ready to get some energy out. Bring a football, frisbee, corn hole, and something good to eat and share. I look forward to this and it'll be load of fun!!

More info here>
Link to pictures from before>
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