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Nice Willys, but not $100,000 nice

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I don't know. There's a stalled economy, inflation still on the rise, the feds just raised the interest rate another 3/4 of a point (our dollar is worth less) and everything else (you know the cost of fuel, food, etc. impacting everyones, except the very rich, wallets it's doubtful if it'll reach the asking price even with the steel sheet metal; especially with just a SBC. Also, for someone looking to buy a streetable Willys there's always these out there 1941 Willys Gasser Outlaw Body | eBay for half the price. It'll be interesting to see what happens. I'm thinking it won't sell at $100,000, the seller will relist it with a best offer option and get around between $70,000 to $80,000.
It's got an opening start of $89,500 so did he already change it?
As mentioned an all steel Willys coupe body will bring big bucks even if there's nothing more than the body. So a complete finished car isn't out of line to bring close to 6 figures. I agree that I'm unsure this is a $90k car, but wouldn't surprise me if it got it. I've seen a complete steel frontend sell for $2500, and having that tossed in adds some and could be sold to bring back some funds.
Here's the video he attached:

Yep, he dropped the starting bid $10,000 from $99,500 to $89,500. I still think he should put a best offer on there with a minimum acceptable bid to weed out the lowball bidders. It's still going to be interesting to watch especially with the 10 grand drop in price.
when you take into account a glass willys will bring 65-75k it would seem a full steel one will fetch big bucks.
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I agree Steve. It would have to be a blown 392 to be worth 100 grand.
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Thanks for that Mario. I wasn't sure if I was completely out of touch or completely senile. As I said though it'll be interesting if it sells.
It's looking like I was probably right. The seller just dropped the price another $17,000 to $72,500; that's a total of $27,000 he's dropped the price and even with the steel parts still not a single bid. If he were to put a best offer option on it I wouldn't be surprised if he got between $65,000 to $70,000. Like I said above, with the failing economy and ever rising inflation most people just don't have or want to spend that kind of money for a toy with the future so dismal for so many.
anyone who can drop 100k on a collector car is not worried about inflation. why he is selling it on ebay is beyond me. i would sent it to the auction.
AN UPDATE!! The auction was ended by the seller because the car is no longer available. It didn't say ended because it was sold. Obviously no deep pocketed car collector thought it was worth $100,000, $85,000 or even the $72,500. I imagine someone got a hold of the seller and made an offer that he accepted.
To address the auction/ebay comment I'm betting the seller didn't want to first, pay the auction fee and second the sales fees probably also he would have gone with a reserve and risked having to drop the reserve because of weak bidding and risk selling at a greatly reduced price; just my opinion. I'm betting someone offered him $70,000 or a little less and he took it.
that car at 70 is a deal. a glass bodied car with a blown bbc sells in the 75-80k range. most likely will be blown apart and restored.
I think you're correct Steve as to why it ended. It could be it was also for sale locally and he got an offer, or someone offered less via Ebay. But I thought Ebay watched these messages and if items are sold outside the auctions they got their cut regardless. Seems like a friend had this happen and got surprised when he thought he'd avoid Ebay's fee and got caught this way.
I just don't understand?
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