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new to site

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I am a new owner of a 57 4 door 210 wagon drag car , joined this forum because the straight axle I have is going to be installed this winter also sbc ,dual quads , 4 speed manual , and car already has a 9" ford with 35 spline mosier axles and spool .After winter ,this will roll out of the barn as a street /strip driver . thank you for having the site avaliable for me to use .
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Welcome to the gasser forum! The '57 sounds cool. I used to own a '57 4dr Belaire wagon with an axle back in the mid 70's. Mine was a 283 with Muncie 4 spd. Wagons make cool gassers.
Welcome to the site. Sounds like a cool project. Don't forget we love photos.

My best friend in Highschool had a '55 two door wagon. We dropped a 283/4 speed in that thing and it was fun as hell. Did a couple of road trips in it too. Sleeping in it at road side parks etc. A '57 Gasser wagon will be really nice. Keep us updated on your progress. Oh, forgot. A big welcome to the board to you friend. Mark L
A Big O'l Welcome from Texas!
Welcome sir ........... glad you've joined us .......... would love to see some pictures of your wagon :cool::cool:
Hey 57 wagonbeast WELCOME, hope you like it here. Wagons make good gassers.
Welcome from the left coast...
And welcome from the right coast! How long has your car been a drag car? Any good history on it?
Welcome to the Forum..Pictures..we need pictures..LOL
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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