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New guy in Va.

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Good morning GasserHotrods Forum. Brand new here, got a 48 Anglia with a blown smallblock..(best et 6.47 1/8,10.19 1/4) that I also drive on the street & a 37 chevrolet 2dr coupe straight axle 4spd that I'm still getting dialed in. Glad I found this site.
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Welcome! A couple of my favorites! I've always liked the Anglias, and a '37 Chevy is one of the best looking cars Chev ever built!
^^ What he said. One of my first models was a '37 coupe and I fell in love with that nose right there. I think '37 is the best year for a coupe of any builder - can't find a bad looking one. Nice stable.


Great to have you here blownanglia. The little Anglia is just soooo gasser material. Like a 55 chevy it is just right. Looking forward to pics and details. Great bunch of guys here as well. Welcome aboard. Mark L
welcome fellow new guy

real men drive gassers
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