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New Guy From The Motor City

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Hi guys, I am just new here to this site, but recognize some of you from the Tri-Five group and TLB. I don't have a gasser, but growing up in the sixties, I grew to like them. I got to see many of them at Detroit Dragway. I wish that I had a camera back then. I am looking forward to seeing pics of all the projects here. Maybe someday I will get to do a gasser project.

Ken k
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Welcome Ken. This is a great place to be. Brian
Welcome Ken, never to late to build one....
Hi Ken , Welcome to the forums!
hi ken and welcome. good to have you here.
Welcome Ken............
Welcome to the board. Enjoy your stay. Mark L
Hello from a Michigan gasser dude, where in Mi are you?
Hey guys, thanks for the welcome. Johnny R, I live in Lincoln Park, just south of Detroit. I'm about 5 miles north of the hallowed ground that used to be Detroit Dragway. Are you close?
Pretty close, I am in plymouth. I work in canton. Go to milan much??
I haven't been there for a while. I used to go to gasser wars back in the 80's. I would like to go to the meet in September with the Nostalgia races. Some guys from the TLB site I'm on have been there. I would like to see them run. I see from another site that you are going to Autorama. I am going on Friday when the open up. I work Midnights so that's the best time for me. Your post said you were planning to go to the GM Museum. I have been there three times with CCI. Great place with some different cars there each visit.
Not sure whayt site your refuring to Ken, but I am going to autorama on sat.nite. Car wont be there, I had it there in 08, that was enough for at least a coupla years..........Also I will start a new thread about the "new" gasser series announced this month. I belive we have 6 races and then the detroit dragway reunion and also the nostiliga race. That gives us 8 races in our backyard and that is cool. Come on out and say Hi. I run with the great lakes gassers and will post the dates. John
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