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New Guy From San Francisco Bay Area.

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I just found out about this forum. I'm an old semi-retired drag race chassis builder whose been doing alot of gasser chassis work lately. As soon as I figure how to load pictures i will post them. I'm looking foward to seeing what everybody across the country are building. I'm sure glad the gasser trend is finally back. I also dig the AWB cars too!!!
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Welcome Choke! Glad to see another builder/gasser fan here!
Welcome Choke, nice to see another somewhat local here....
Welcome choke. The more chassis guys the merrier. As long as you don't die laughing at my frame work, heh. Do you have cars of your own are you constantly working on others? Good to have you on board. Mark L
Welcome sir ....... glad you've joined us :D:D
Welcome aboard, Choke.
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