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New from Ontario Canada

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Hello ,
I found this site as a link on Byrons Gasser Madness site and had a quick look. I liked what I so and joined up. My car is a 37 Dodge business coupe street car but does get to the track about 4 times a summer racing with the Ontario Nostalgia Drag Racers group. Maybe one day it will have a straight axle in it but for now it is running a Mustang II front end with a 4:56 gear in a 9 inch Ford out back. Power is from a very mild 350 Chev hooked to a Turbo 350 with a 2800 stall and shift kit. So far it has run a best of 8.67 in the eighth mile drags last fall.
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Let me be the first to say Welcome. We are open to all types and desires of gassers. Street, to full drag cars. We are all about the castoffs and the period corrects on the same playing feild. Innovative and old school. Bring 'em in and become part of the gang. Glad to have you here and enjoy the board. Mark L
Welcome Sledrz. I am right next to the Ontario border. Hope to see you and your friends from Ontario Nostalgia Drag Racers @ Empire Dragway this year. Brian
hi sledrz and welcome. good to have you here.
Hey and WELCOME Mr. SLEDZR. hope you like it here.
Thanks for the welcome guys. My wife and I spectated at the Lancaster event last August and hope to run the car at Empire this summer. I'm about 2 hrs away from the Buffalo border crossings.
Welcome sledrz. We like pics of the cars.... hint, hint. Other than the Chrysler Airflow, is there a bad looking car in '37? It was a great year for coupes.


Welcome sledrz, we ned all the coupes we can find...
Here it is, still working away on it since it was brought home in 2000.

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I like the looks of the old dodge coupes, yours really needs a big block mopar,,,,
Hey sledrz, really like your 37 dodge,ya kmow i have 37 pontiac 5 window coupe I'm gonna get back on soon's i get thru wit my gto. I put a fatman front end on it. sure wish i had put a straight axle in it. to much invested to yank it back out tho. will post some pictures soon's i get back out to where i can get some good pics. It looks a lot like you's 37.
I like the looks of the old dodge coupes, yours really needs a big block mopar,,,,
That or a 392!!!
Welcome to GasserHotrods Sledrz nice Dodge coupe.
Sledrz, that's a really nice looking Dodge. Nice drive train too. Welcome!
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