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New from Columbus, OH

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New from Columbus, OH. Building a 1940 Studebaker gasser style car. Street/Strip purpose build. I'm using a commander coupe which is a little different than the champions you normally see. I've done quite a bit of modifications to make it lighter. I'm still about mid-build, but have the drivetrain sorted out already. Will be running an 11:1 SBC 357ci w/ 294dur cam, TH-350 w/ manual shift and transbrake, and a moser rearend w/ 4.30gears. Still have a lot of bodywork ahead of me and paint. Hoping to be able to have it on the pavement later this year.
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Welcome sun chaser. Sounds like that Studebaker will be a fun ride.
Welcome! Sounds like it's going to be a neat car, those old Stude coupes have been left out for too long!!! Neat cars!
The car was a botched hot rod project, so I have been spending most of my time un-doing what the previous owner(s) have done. I bought it off the internet a few years ago was originally told it was a straight rust-free car. When it arrived it was clear there was bondo work and the engine that was in it was smoked due to a carb that leaked enough gas to fill the crankcase. Floor was galvanized flashing pop-rivetted to a 1x1 frame. Ugly. I got burned, and was stuck making the best of it. After an assesment of work, that's when I decided to change my game plan on go gasser.

unfortunately I don't have many fantastic pictures. I've had it mocked up and tore down so many times, that it constantly evolves a little differently each time. He's a few not so good ones....

This was a mock-up when I was trying to choose tire heights.....I didn't use those rear tires. I also dropped the front about 1.5".

Rear View

More Mockup w/ the headers I built:

The meat:
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Welcome to GasserHotrods site sun chaser, nice coupe.
hi ya and welcome. good to have you here. going to be a very cool ride.
Hey sun chaser. Welcome. I wrote a welcome yesterday but I must have forgot to save/post it--sheeesh--old timers disease. Love the Stude build and the Hoosiers look perfect. I had a '39 Olds coupe that I originally started to build a gasser from. But I traded the Olds for my '63 Catalina before getting started. The '63 is virtually rust free. Could not pass it up. Enjoy the board and keep the updates coming. That car will be cool as he!!. Lets see, where's that post button. OH YA!!! Mark L
Sun, love the headers, and how I lust for injection with stacks. Will it be streetable?
I haven't decided if I'm going to run the injection initially or not. If I do, I think the streetability will not be good, at least not without doing a secondary bypass valve. So I'm considering some sort of high-rise single plane intake with a single 4bbl for use until I get used to the car and build-up up some funds again. Then we'll see. I might use the hilborn on a chevy 302 project. Everything is pretty dynamic right now. I just finished engine assembly on the engine I'm dropping in.....all aside from the intake and valve covers, so I guess I'll need to make a decision soon. project !
Got a chance to take a few more pictures...

I settled on a victor Jr. intake and some old edelbrock VCs w/ offy breathers.

Now focusing my attention to constructing the tilt nose. It's a big heavy steel thing with lots of panels and places to be crooked, so it's going to be quite the undertaking.


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Nice buld sun chaser, I`ll be watching this as well...
Welcome, sun chaser. That is going to be a sweet build! That body style looks so good nose up like that.

Looks 'kinda like the '37 Terraplane gasser that I foolishly passed on a few years ago. It was a legit car build in the '70s I think by the diamond tuck interior. It was less than $1,000! Wow, wish I could go back in time...


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