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Bought a couple for myself and bought a few extras for those that were in the same boat as me trying to find these hard to find cables.

I have a few extra new 48" mechanical tach cables. They fit the speedo style inputs like Stewart Warner used, and have the Vertex/Mallory type drive dogs (ends). They are new in the packages.

Other measurements according to my digital Caliper:
ID of large end: 0.820"
ID of small end: 0.570"
Width of small square shaft end: 0.100"
Diameter of "keyed" shaft end: 0.148"
Keep in mind these measurements don't account for thread depth.

I have a limited ammount of these, so if interested act quick.

$75+shipping each
or $130 +shipping for two

I can ship via priority flat rate medium box for $10.95 for up to 5 cables. I can ship via flat rate envelope for $5 for single cables, but have to remove them from the packages to wind them tighter to fit. I can take paypal or money order.


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A press brake, also known as plate bending machine, is a kind of machine tool for bending sheet and plate material, most commonly sheet metal, material could be normal steel, stainless steel, aluminum and so on. Regularly, two C-frames form the sides of the press brake, connected to a table at the bottom and on a moveable slide at the top. The bottom tool is mounted on the table with the top tool mounted on the upper beam.

A Press brake could be described and distinguished by basic specifications, such as the force or tonnage and the working length (length of plate sheet). Additional parameters include the amplitude or stroke, the distance between the frame uprights or side housings, distance to the back gauge, and work height. The upper slide usually operates at a speed ranging from 1 to 15 mm/sec.

There are many different types of press brake as described by the means of applying force: mechanical, pneumatic, hydraulic, and servo-electric. Hydraulic press brake operates by means of two synchronized hydraulic cylinders on the C-frames moving the upper slide. Servo-electric brakes use a servo-motor to drive a ball screw to exert tonnage on the ram.

SUZOU DAFU MACHINE TOOLS CO.,LTD., is a professional manufacturer of hydraulic press brake and servo-electric press brake. Established in 2003, Suzhou Dafu Machine tools have been engaged indesigning, building and selling hydraulic press brake, CNC hydraulic press brake, guillotines shear and CNC guillotine shear for many years. Thanks to full attention upon press brake and guillotine shear building, and the great investment in metal processing equipments. Dafu had made agood start in the industry of press brake and guillotine shear after our products hit market.
In 2007, due to reliable quality of press brake and guillotine shear we built and sold, Dafu had gained remarkable reputation in Chinese market and Dafu’s share in the market had been kept increasing year by year, at the same period, Dafu started to pay more attention upon oversea market and seek sales increase from global market. In order to pursue quality of machines and service, our boss decided to expand production capacity, and extended workshop buildings 15,000 square meters more, plus original 15,000 square meters workshop, totally 30,000 square meters in total.

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