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My Wheels Don't Fit......

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Geez what a day, I went to have my tires mounted which was ok, I went to a local tire shop ( Kost ) and the manager looked at the tires and said NO WAY can we mount those, our equipment not large enough.
Well that bummed me out and then one of the works came out and said hey bring those in I'm almost sure I can mount those. Well less then 5 minutes later they were back in my pickup and we were on our way back to the shop.
My son Tom couldn't wait to see them on the Grump. Well that didn't happen, when I tried to fit them on they ran right into my disc brake caliber.
So now I am going to have to dismount them and mount my Mickie's on my Prostars, after I have them polished up.... I think my problem is that the 9" rear in the Grump is out of an Explorer and the disc are a bit large, but the Pro's fit just fine.
Here are the wheels mounted... They are Greg Welds 15X14

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That's a crapper. I'm waiting for my axles to come in and the guy that widened (not narrowed remember?? lol) my 9 inch builds rear disc systems. Originally I picked up a set of front disc/calipers/dust sheilds/brake lines from Rousch Racing where they pull them off brand new Mustangs to replace them with their own. We mocked the calipers up and stuck my rims in and they JUST clear. To a point that I would do a little grinding if I were to go ahead and use them. But, if I change the wheels or back spacing etc, at all, who knows if they would fit then. So I'm going to have to buy all new smaller calipers for the rear. Damn, so I feel your pain. Mark L
Ya Mark, I've had these waiting for about a year, the 4 1/2 inch bolt patern was just right the back space was perfect, never looked inside the back of the wheel to see they were a bit smaller inside. I don't know if it's because there a Greg Weld which I guess is like a super detailed Rodlite ! ! But highly polished. But as nice as they are the darn things just don't fit. :(
Oh ya I did gring my caliper a bit but that didn't help ether but now this winter I will take both calipers off grind and polish them and then paint them.
That's a real bummer Steve. That's a great lookin wheel. It really sucks when you have your heart set on something you feel like is "in the bag" and all of a sudden it's back to the drawing board. :(
I had the same issue, my 9" is from a stock car and the 15's don't fit. I had to order 16's from Coker. They are on back order and I will not buy tires until I dry fit mine to the calipers
Well since then I've changed rears in my Kubvan and I will go drum brake so now they fit just fine. Having drum on the back wont bother me a bit, the Kubvan is very lite and the disc , drum combo will do just fine.....

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I know the pain,,, a few years back I had a 39 chev coupe,, and ordered a set of Baer track disc,s they have the large 13" rotor, but sold the car before I got to the point of installing the brakes, so I kept the brake kit to use on something else,, fast forward to the Anglia, and the winters Q/C R/E, and a arm front susp,, but as luck would have it the rotors are to big for the 15" wheels, so Now I will try putting them on the 69 bonneville,, it has 17" wheels ,,,,but will have to make the brackets, Its always something,,,,
Thats what makes Hot rodding fun,,, RIGHT??????
Yup sure dose Bill, and put extreeee parts on the shelf ! !
Good choice Steve. I actually ran into that problem on the front axle. My mock up wheels were on the drums and when I mounted the disc brakes they wouldnt go on. I thought for sure I messed something up on the brakes at first.
I've got a few parts stored in the garage and outbuilding that I hope will work on something someday! I tend to take a chance on a bargain purchase with the attitude that if it's really cheap I can sell it if it doesn't work out. So I've got a few bargains that didn't fit. :)
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