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Muncie tailshaft bushing

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Anyone ever replaced the tailshaft bushing in a Muncie with the trans. in the car? I've heard ther's a removal/installer special tool but haven't been able to locate one.
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You'll have to pull the tailshaft housing, so once it's off you wont really be doing it in the car. After that you can split the bushing carefully with a chisel and press the new one in with a socket or PVC coupling. Or you can take the bushing and tailhousing to a shop and have them press the old out, and new in.
Been awhile since I did one, but it's a pretty fast job if memory serves me. Takes longer to R&R the tailhousing.
I'll be doing this soon myself. I'm doing a full re-seal on my M20. 1946Austin is correct. You have to pull the tail housing to do it.
Hey blownanglia, there's a tool made to replace the bushing.might be a little 'spensive, but it beats pulling tail housing. might check out some tool rental places.
Might check Kent moore tools or peny bont tools if you want to purchase a tool.
The only way I have ever seen it done is the way 1946Austin has described. I'd like to see this tool and the procedure for using it. Seems to me you'd be working blind, but if it simplifies the R&R that would be a home run. :D
Tail housing removed is the only way I know to do the job.
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