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One pair, magnesium American 5-spokes...

14" x 6"
3 1/2" back spacing
4 3/4" Chevy bolt pattern

Wheels are VERY curb rash, no cracks, no chips, no oxidation pitting...there is a small casting pitt in one spoke, and there is a broken screw in one center cap screw hole...I don't know anyone who ever ran center caps on their magnesium wheels, but, never-the-less, it's there...also, there's some stick-on weights, and some minor rubber debri on the inside of the lip...I figure the new owner can attend to these himself...

As you can see in the pic, one wheel has some chalky white mixed in with the grey patina on the spokes, but, it is not the powdery oxidation...

...$450 + shipping...US Postal Service money order...please PM any questions...thanks
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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