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Have a small pile of loose Hilborn injector parts... bypass valves and nozzles and some internal parts for bypass valves (pills, springs, shims). Might be a good pile for tuners looking to save money over the very expensive new prices.

There apparently are 6 bypass valves, 27 nozzles (two are new, one's got a broken deflector, one's got the large thread size), 34 loose jets, 2 loose springs, 2 loose poppets, and 11 loose shims (2 thick, 9 thin).

I do not know the condition, nor do I care to go through them all for the sizes, for everyone who asks. So will blow them out as a "tuner's low-buck package" so you can pick through them for your needs and then trade or sell the rest off.

The new prices would cost you a small fortune... consider that the new prices are $54 for each bypass valve (and there are 6 here), and that nozzles are between $30-45 each (there are 27 here, and the vast majority are 90-degree deflector nozzles which cost $36 each new). There are 34 loose bypass jets here too, but Hilborn doesn't even give a price on loose bypass jets/pills, so maybe those aren't even available anymore individually... who knows. And you'd have to pay shipping and/or tax from Hilborn on any parts you'd by from them, too.
If you broke out a calculator and added everything up, you'd see that the new prices on new parts would be around $1,300 for everything I've listed here.

But I want just... $175 plus mail for everything here.

That's way cheaper than the new prices. But again, I really don't know the condition of the parts, and I don't have a list of all the individual sizes. Buy them, pick through them, then sell/trade back off what you don't need.

If interested, then please e-mail me direct at [email protected]


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