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Just wanted to say Howdy

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Here's a shot of my "High 5". Gasser. Nice to see this new site.
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Howdy back at you !! ......... as a native Texan (Amarillo), that sounds awfully good to me ........... beautiful Bel Air ........... absolutely beautiful :cool:;):cool:
Hey Welcome Aboard There High5 and a very nice and some what of a shiney 55 :D :D
Thanks guys, I actually started building this when I was just out of High School (Class of '64). So it's truely a 60's style "Gasser". You might notice the buggy style front axle instead of the truck/van dual spring axle. I remember going to the drag strip and watching the gassers run. Kinda of got in my blood. Decided to build my own and a friend lost interest in the street rod he was building so I bought the axle from him for $35. He had already split the wishbone and had put in new king pins. I converted it to Bell Axle disc brakes back in the late 60's. I bought a one piece glass front end for it also back in the 60's and set it up to tilt forward using the front stainless bar bumper that my brother made for me. Back then we had to "engineer" a lot of our own parts and ideas. Sure enjoy driving it and it gets lots of comments about the old Gassers.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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