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Just saying hey from Indiana

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Just saying hey from Indiana. Been a gasser fan for the last 15 years, but an active gasser fanatic for the last 6 years. Gasser people are some of the nicest people i've met. Always willing to help, always willing to talk, not stuck up. Thumbs up; Tire Wheel Vehicle Car Land vehicle
to all of you. Gasserking
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Hi and welcome gasserking. great bunch of gassers here.
Welcome to the site
A big welcome to the site GasserKing. Love the Willys too. You'll have to give us the run down on it and tell us about yourself as well. Give us som more pics and include any videos of it running too. Good to have you here. Mark L
Welcome Gasserking ....... glad you've joined us :cool::cool:
Good to have you on here, man. Welcome and nice ride!
I'm a new member also. Welcome and nice Willys!
Welcome Gasserking! I agree with your description of gasser owners. They all seem to be very nice people, and really into the old race cars.
Welcome from Pittsburgh


Love your Willys. I have wanted one since I first built a revell model back when I was around 12 years old.

I almost had my hands on a '42 Willys sedan lat year. Was selling off all the stuff I had laying around collecting dust & also a "big-buck" one-off custom chopper project. After almost having the chopper sold quite a few times and way too many tire-kickers I decided to give up on the Willys & continue to build the El Camino gasser project I had been working on for a couple of years.

Then out of the clear blue sky the Opel just fell into my lap thru an even-up trade. I still find it hard to believe it is sitting in my driveway.

Look forward to hearing & seeing more about gasser.:eek:
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I to almost bought a willys back in `76, the only problem was my garage then was only a two car, the wife`s in one side my `49 anglia in the other, I could`nt get her to move her car out......all steel willys glass tilt front end, no motor or trans with an olds rear axle. LOL
Damn Rich! I was 7 yrs old in '76!! LOL!!!! Born too late i guess!
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