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Its a Street Gasser for Now!

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Its a Street Gasser that I would like to one day make t nice enough to Show..So I guess I fit into both spots!
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Looks great to Me, I like those wheels

Nice 57 , what part of it isn't nice enough to show :eek:
I still like your car, at least you can drive it!


I can't understand why you think it's not show-worthy. Nice car. On a different note, do the local cops hassle you for having Maine registration?
The Outside is looking better but the Engine needs a lot of detailing. I have all the parts needed for a really nice (read that as a major HP rebuild), but haven't had the time yet to do it. Also still need to do the rear end update with a Spring relocation Kit and a mini tud to run the new Rear rims. Then I can ad the Fenderwell headers.
Thanks for the compliments all. No hassles yet but the Maine Registration has expired and this year I need to register it Locally here in TX.
Great looking '57 ......... the stance is just right :cool::cool:
great looking car. i will be putting picture my 55 on here soon. another great tri five site.
Looks really good, I would want to show it off if I had it. Nice car.

Take it to any show and I bet plenty of people will stop and enjoy it. I'll wager you'll get a lot of great comments on the paint color alone. Mark l
Nice car, love the color. Show it with the hood closed if the engine is not done. The rest of the car looks great!
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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