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I can smell the cruisin

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GOOD GOOD SATURDAY MORNING GASSERS. Boy the weather has been in the 60's here the last few days and i sure am gettin the crusin fever. we're not all fortunate enough to live in AIR AA ZONE AA. HEH HEH. Hope ever body is as eager as i am to support the gas companys. Lets burn some gas. Happy cruizin to all :cool::cool:
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Cold and wet here, with a few slushy snow showers mixed in. Might have to get the old Camaro out for a cruise if it does warm up, as the rearend is still out of my Austin! Can't wait to go cruising!
Hey it's 70 and raining today down here. I actually put blue jeans back on this morning. And no, I don't run around without any pants on, ewww, terrible visions of that, I just wear shorts all year. Yea, I just hate it, hehehehe!!!! Mark L
yup, been nice here too. enjoy it for now, winter not over yet.
Well guys I`m sorry to say its been sunny (finally) about 68 degrees,,,,,took my daughter to her boy friends in the coupe, bout 20 miles down the road, boy its nice to be in something differant than everybody elses dailey driver...
We had two days of sunny, but cool weather, and my axle is out of the Austin. No insurance on the 427 camaro, so I spent yesterday welding up exhausts for my buddy's '56 Chevy gasser, and goofed off today!
No cruizin' quite yet around here, just got another 8" of that white stuff.... Might do some cruizin' on the Yamaha Snowmobile tomorrow.......
Yeah, I have probably the only indoor car show I'll be in starting Thurs. We just got another 12 inches of snow. The Weather station says 2 in of water content so it is going to be slimy. I also just took the 2500# concrete block out of the back of my dually.

I was planning on starting the weekly cruising after the show but....well another couple weeks I guess.
I did see a couple old vehicles out around here the end of last wek. We were in the 50s and I think friday hit 60 degrees.
WAAAAYYYYYYY TOOOOO much road salt on the roads for my liking. None of my '57s will see the roads till it's rained a few times.

I talked toa girl in Vegas this morning. She said it was cold out there. 40 degrees. I told her their cold, is our hot.
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