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I beat my gasser

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Hi I am a newbie. I have a old gasser nova and beat the heck out of it every chance I get. I like broken parts cause then I know I been doin my job. Nothing like burned pistons in the morning. I like nitro cause it helps me break it makes the guy on the starting line cry. Sometimes it makes the guy Im racin cry too.
Looks like a great site to be on................thanks Johnny Rotten
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hi johnny and welcome. good to have you here.
Yes we do , however milan is my home track. We run at the nite of fire and the funnycar nationals there. Did nothing but rain this year tho..... Its a relly good track and a very nice track in general.......kinda like a mini norwalk in my eyes
Welcome rotten joh---er johnny rotten, heh. Nice, nice Nova. A big welcome to the board. Hoping to get alot of gassers in the ranks so we can use your advice and experiences. Owned a '67 2 dr sedan many years ago and found an original bolt on gasser front clip but never got it on. After selling the Nova I sold the front clip on E-bay to a local guy. He came back later and told me that when he tried fitting it onto the Nova it turned out be an altered wheelbase clip. Something I really wanted to do but never got to it. Matter of fact I found the old transmisson crossmember laying in my parts and it's on Craigslist right now. OK enough blabbing. Get some more shots and some details on the gasser. I'm eager to see them. Looking at the little pic there in your avatar, I think I've seen it on videos and pics from other sies. Or am I thinking of another Nova?? Mark L
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How you doin Mark, thanks for the kind words. Any good advice I can give,I will be happy to help out. If it werent for advice, how many people can build and race these things. I have been fortunate having help from good people thru out the years. There is also a thing called bad advice and its all up to you how to utilize it.
I was racing a blown altered/funnycar deal for a few years and noticed how the gasser guys and others were enjoying themself's and all we were doing was working our butts off. After some years I decided to build a gasser. It was truley very easy to do because all I did was thake other peoples "good" ideas and incorperate them into my car. The things I liked I used and the things I didnt, I didnt. The build was STRICTLY old school, no new stuff. The car build took 6 months everyday. It is old school fuel injection and a clutch. This is my 3rd year out with the car and hope to run 9.50s with it fluintly. WE have been a best of 9.77 so far. This car was built with racing in mind.
I relly like this style drag racing. It is way easer on time,parts and money over the supercharged deals. Putting it plainly, this is downrite fun. Not to mention the cool people you meet. Jon on this board would be a great example of that. Ill quit my babblin for now, thank you all for the kind words.........John

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Great pics thanks Johnny. Is the Tempest owner interested in coming over to the "Gass" board side??? Would like to see more, but looking at the injection I say dare be a Chheby in dare??? I've seen that '56 in vids before. That Dart is "SMOKEN" meant in a good way. Mark L
The tempest owners name is Don Francis........YES that car is COOL. And yes, dares a chebby in there. He did switch over to a domanator (uggggg) and his car does run good. The 56 is Tom Norwicki(sp) and is one bad ombrey. He is 60s something and one heck of a nice guy. The dart is Wally, and if there was a rule for gassers to look like, he sets the benchmark. That car gets more attention that the hotties............and it sounds better too.
Ill invite all to the board as they all would be a assett to this board.
If I were to do it over again, I would do it to a dart or tempest, they relly do have the look
I like the looks of the Darts, but that is one nice Nova that you have Johnny. Tires in the air look great!
Great pictures Johnny! That looks like they could have been taken back in the 60's if we didn't know better! Nice old school gassers!
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