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Hi gasser fans

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I just found this site even though I'm on Byron's almost daily. I sold my Willy's a few years ago, and built a 55 Chevy gasser. Finished up last year with a best of 10.27 and 128 mph. Will be at Thompson and Beaver Springs this year. Hope to see and meet everyone . Bob
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Hi Bob and welcome! We will be at both events also. Brian
Welcome to

Byron is a friend of mine.

Otis :0
hi bob and welcome. good to have you here.
Welcome, Bob.

Hello and welcome, we do require pictures you know, heh. And a good description. Love to see other cars for ideas etc. 10.27 @ 128 is nothing to sneeze at. Sounds like a monster. Mark L
Bob, welcome and I think you will enjoy this, its new and growing.

Hey everyone,thanks for the welcoming notes..I'm computer illiterate and having trouble posting photos, but the grand kids will be over this week to help me out...........thanks again,Bob
Welcome Bob....sweet 55 !
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