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Hi From Jersey

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I'm building a '63 Impala Gasser on the "Cheap" I'm always looking for great ideas, the site is great.
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Welcome Steamer....Glad you found the site. A super bunch of gasser guys here, lovin' their hotrods and always willing to share some great ideas. We love pics too! Show us your '63. Lookin forward to watching your build.
hey steamer hows th 63 coming.. my riv should be on the road in spring...this is better then the hamb...

real men drive gassers
Welcome to the site. Love those big car gassers, Mark will be a happy camper having another full sized car here.
I think building them inexpensive is a true gasser thing. Very few had big dollars in them back in the 60's, and lots of average gassers were home brewed! Welcome to the site!
Hey Steamer. Glad you could make it over here. See, this time I remembered you, LOL. Looking forward to more pics/updates of the '63. MArk L
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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