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Hey from Wurtland Ky. grow up helping dad on his 40 chevy gasser until it was sold. Kids are grown building my own toy. It is not period correct and dont start out to be. Was messing around one night drawing pictures and after finding way to much rust rot in the front frame area i figure do it. Automotive lighting Automotive tire Hood Motor vehicle Bumper
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Welcome Warrick. What kind of car are you building?

Hey Warrick welcome, i'm just outside Paintsville Ky. Glad to have another Kyian on here. What kind of car you building? Any pictures? Roy
its 69 chevelle i call it the could have been car, Been working on it for 5 months or so, going to make it look as correct as possible. Doing all the work myself and hitting the swap meets for parts, and other places to. i love to look at all the period correct stuff just wanted be the odd ball out, and post pics of the build.
Welcome to the GasserHotrods site warrick,several Kentucky folks on this site. I like the idea of a 69 Chevelle with a straight axel, now just put a BIG block with a blower between the frame rails and you will nail the gasser look.
Welcome to the group Warrick. That '69 will be fun.
Hay Warrick. Good to have you here. Something different is more than welcome here. Keep us updated and/or start a build thread in the projects section. You're going to feel right at home here. Mark L
hi ya and welcome. good to have you here.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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