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Hey to all!

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I'm glad to find this new forum. Hope to meet some out here in the West. I run my 55 Gasser "Black Betty", at Famoso in Bakersfield, and also up at Sacramento Raceway. She has a BBC, Glide, 9", and runs in the high 11.50's. So, we shoot for E-Gas (11.60), or Hot Rod Bracket class. Loads of fun!! Also capable of street, with 10:1 compression, but not currently tagged.
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Drofdar nice to have you and Black Betty on the forum.
Welcome to

I know you will like it here and make many new friends.

otis :)
Hello and Welcome Drofgar Lets see some pictures of Black Betty, Also from the west side Nor Cal

Welcome.....Sure would like to see some pics.. :cool:
welcome Drofgar. how 'bout some pictures of your ride.
Sounds cool! Where are the pics? My dad's best friend's kid had a '56 in the mid 70's called Black Beauty. It was tough!


hi ya and welcome. good to have you here.
"She's so rock steady (bam-ba -lam) And she's always ready (bam-ba-lam)!!! Welcome aboard Drofdar!!!
Hey another left coaster, welcome.....
Welcome Drofdar to THE Gasser forum. Just getting going but have a great base crew here and growing everyday. And, YUP we need pics. Sounds like great looking car. Oh, and you gotta explain your username, heh! Mark L
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