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Hey hey!

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Just noticed this place popped up and thought I would check it out.

Been into gassers my whole life, but finally able to afford to build some. I have a crappy '55 Chevy (better known as the Bondo Pig) and I am starting on a '48 Anglia this winter.

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Hello and welcome DuckusCrapus Glad you came over. Nice to see Bondo Pig here too. Will be nice to follow build on Anglia

hey duckuscrapus welcome. this is an excellent site.ain't no crappy 55's. heh heh heh
Hey DC, Nice to see you here. Welcome. And like rl said above, there ain't no crappy 55's...


Hey Duck, welcome on board and nice to have you here!
Hey Duck good to see ya over here. I enjoy your site too. I think we are going to have a grand ol' time over here. Mark L
hi ya and welcome. good to have you here.
Welcome to the GasserHotrods forum Duck.
anytime you get tired of that old "crappy pig" you just give me a shout pal!! lol. good to see ya here Duck
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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