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hey guys im new to the site

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I am building a 1965 riviera gasser i bet none of you have ever seen anything like this. i took this car to my senior in 1989 with 26k miles im now 40 and it has 36,128 miles and yes its a GS.. i dont like stock and i like to be different so i pulled the 425 2x4 motor sold it and built a nasty 434 stroker with a tunnel ram. i found hillabrand wheels for it every thing looks like 1965..
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Welcome. I saw your car on the web, somewhere. I have both a gasser and a couple '65 Rivs. This build might hurt a bit... but go for it.

Are you going to do anything to lighten it?


ps are you dumping the GS stuff? (emblems, etc)
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Welcome! Very different build choice for a gasser, but I also say go for it. (yes Mike, it does sting a little) Wish I had known about that 425 when you had it for sale. Been looking for another Nailhead for a while now. I'm not even an hour from you.
Hey Rivieragasser, I too saw your Buick on a site somewhere just the other day. And I either did send you a PM with the link to this site or I was going to. I can't remember which. Either way I'm really glad you made it over. As you can see we have a nice variety of cars here. Your Buick will fit in very nicely. I also am a big fan of the early Rivieras. Never thought of one being a gasser but that doesn't mean it shouldn't be one. I'm looking forward to more pics and more build information as you go. Glad to see you over here. Mark L
I plan on keeping the GS stuff on it. the riv 's body line is mean and angry and it was ment for racing not an LA lowrider.. i now have the front lifted . its a street gasser and the rivs ride nice so i put my thinking cap on and figured out a way to keep the stock ride and lift the nose.. i welded a 1/4" plate to the bottom of the control arm and used old chevelle 3" ball joint spacers and i put 3"coil spring spacers from a dirt track car in and used chevelle ball joints witch are 3/4" longer plus the plate and a lighter motor i got 5" lift and the control arms wont hit the frame because of the spacers and it only cost me $100 to do the whole thing as compared to $1800 axle set up...
Very unusual gasser! Looking forward to the updated pics with the nose up! Welcome!
Hey there riveragasser, love those early riv's also. Dare to be different. It's definitely different.
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