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Hey from Illinois

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Jeff here just sayin' hey.New to the site, but been into drags/hotrods since before I was hatched! Here's what I'm runnin'....

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Welcome to the site Jeff! Very nice Nova! What's it running?
Hey WELCOME Jeff. great looking ride there.
Thanks for the welcome! It's a nasty roller 355/th350/'57 Olds rear. I have an aluminum Donovan small block and a Hilborn stack set-up to spice it up a little in the near future, and I'd love to go manual trans but it seems I'm not made of money! Just got the lettering done and I'm going to candy stripe the roof (blue).
Hello and very big welcome to the board. That's a very clean/neat proper looking Nova there. Glad you could hook up with us. Throw us more pics and specs on the car. Suspension mods, info on the motor etc. We love seeing what others have done with their cars. Personally, I love stealing others ideas and using them, heh. Mark L
Thanks Mark, I've watched your build on the H.A.M.B., love your Pontiac! Here's the maiden yoyage at Gateway...

This was supposed to be an easy shake down pass, left easy, shifted quick and just cruised on down. The car was set up to run 1/8 mile so I just eased on down (a 1/4 mi. can seem like a mile!), about 300 ft. or so from the stripe I let out to take the 'rescue' opening. As soon as I lifted, the driveshaft said 'adios' and headed south! Broke the trans, ripped and beat the floor and didn't do the rear yoke any favors! It scuffed the left slick just enough to tell it touched it (hand of God right there). It still ran a 12.43, ought to be plenty quick when I get it ironed out. (pretty cool to out run a real Yenko deuce, too!)

That last pic is the day I got the Dad decides to, for whatever reason, give me the thing! I'm not worthy and he's too cool. It got it's name and it's lettered as a tribute to him and his old Falcon....first version...

second version of same car...

Wow, this is long winded! Single leafs/ long ladders, Speedway front. I don't really know much about the motor, 12.5-13 to 1, 700+ lift roller, World heads(iron).
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Your Dad is special. Those Falcons are really wild and great looking cars. Love that top chop version. I assume it's the same car right? Where is the Falcon now or is it long gone? Mark L
Yeah, same car. It was last known in Louisiana, Mo.
Falcons and Novas both make great gassers! Pretty cool altered wheelbase Falcon! The Nova sounds very quick, and I bet it's fun!
Welcome! I love your Deuce! My dream would be to have a Chevy II gasser next to my '55 gasser. Great car, great story. You are a blessed guy!

Very Blessed and appreciative of it. Funny, I'd love a '55 next to the Chevy II! I have a crappy '57 post in the wings, but a guy near here has a '55 post out in the weeds that used to be a drag car out of the Quincy,IL. area, he's on me every time we talk to make an offer. He priced it for $1500, it's rough as all get out (someone whacked the rear just below the pass. tail light with a trailer that had a nice pointy end on it!) but comes with a 'parts' car and a bunch of extra parts. Know any '57 buyers!?!
Welcome to the site... Lots of good info here and awesome bunch. Nice cars!
Aint no crappy tri fives Pete.Heh heh
True. Only works in progress. At least your buddy is pricing it reasonably. Out here it would be a 5k car! Rusty hulks are way overpriced. I looked for years before just deciding to make my 4-door into a 2-door. Would loved to have kept it and had another.

Get the old racer and see what come out of the woodwork.

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