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New guy, my name is Casey. Glad to be here:D
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Hi Casey, welcome. Let us know what you are building or thinking about building. Or heck if you just want to hang out.
Hi Casey, welcome. Let us know what you are building or thinking about building. Or heck if you just want to hang out.
hi maddog3299, building a 327 64 impala. I'm asking for advice in engine forum:D
Hi Casey a BIG welcome aboard ! ! Hope you enjoy your stay. ;)
Welcome Casey! Glad to have you aboard. Love the '63/'64 Impalas. The 327 is a great choice of engine, very versatile, strong and dependable.
You’ll find a lot of seasoned veterans here with a passion for the great American Gasser, a deep understanding of the dynamics of such vehicles and an unmatched spirit of camaraderie.
As to a camshaft for your 327………. the choices are numerous. There are a number of factors to consider before choosing a camshaft, i.e. hydraulic or mechanical lifters, flat tappet or roller lifters, h.p. and rpm range, etc, etc. The Chevrolet 30-30, optional Z-28 off-road solid flat tappet cam is an excellent choice for a mild street-able engine.
I’m sure you’ll find many others on the forum with excellent advice on this subject. Good luck with your gasser and I look forward to watching your build. Post pictures whenever you can and keep us updated . :) :)
Thanks cptnbob and everyone for the warm welcome! I love this site already. Headed for a solid lift cam as the roller stuff is just out of budget. I have alot of gear and a 4 speed so the cam can be pretty radical. Looking for something nasty sounding that'll perform from around 2800/3000 to 7000+
Welcome aboard. I love the '64s. I just picked up a '66 4-speed.
Another big welcome to the forum Casey. I read your other posts before realizing you had already introduced yourself. You were wondering about a cam with 252 @ .050. If that is the one with the 106 CL that will be a hell of a cam on the street. It will be a little soft down low but that thing should bust out about 3000 rpm and rip your head off until you run out of guts, LOL. You have the bottom end and just enough compression to work with it. The 650 carb will be a stumbling block though. It will help down low where the cam is softer but you're going to run out of carb around 6500 rpm. The 650 may be a tuning nightmare down low too. Will probably give you fits trying to get it nice and crisp under 3000. I say this only because there is limited tuning and parts for those carbs unless you really know them. But as a starter you should be OK. You certainly do have the gears too. I had a friend that had one of the first '69 Boss 429 Mustangs. He ran a 4:88 gear set and everytime I heard him coming down the side street, even just shifting normally, the shifts had to come so early/fast that it sounded like he was going thru the gears at the drag strip. I can still hear it and loved it. Your 327 is going to love those gears. I know well that a T-56 is an expensive trans to use but your car would be awsome with one. With the double overdrive you could actually enjoy the car on a highway. The first gear in the T-56 is also a 2.66. Just like the Mopar trans you are using. So the gear spreads are probably very similar. So if the Mopar trans works out for you the T-56 would be almost the same yet with a double OD. It's been so long for me to talk small displacement and Chevys that I can't even suggest cams now. They have changed so much over the years. Cam designe has made solid flat tappets as good as the early rollers so I would really research the Chevy boards and see what these guys are running in 327's etc. Your heads should support a lot of flow too. You're on your way to a really good combination there. Should sound fantastic and go like a raped Ape. If you've ever see a Raped Ape, everyone better just get out of the way. LOL. Glad you joined in and keep us updated. Start a build/project thread so we can live your dream alongside you. MArk L
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Mark, thanks for the warm welcome and all the insight. The 252 @ .050 cam is the crower 00650 and it has a 110 lobe sep. The cam with the 106 is the lunati 40113. I talked to shane pochon from lunati and he suggested it. here is the link
OOpps sorry , I got them mixed up. The lunati sounds like a good cam. The lift is not so high that you will have reliabilty problems with too much lift over time. Both cams sound good however. Either way you'll love that little 327. Mark L
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