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Hello gasser family signing on board

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Hi every one.
My name is Dave Cobb & I am a gasser nut & also nostalgia funny cars & altereds.
I have recreated a couple of the Late Chuck Finders cars & presently buiding a Plymouth Arrow funny car along with the FIREBREW 48 Anglia Chuck raced on the nitro gasser circuit.

I am sure I already know some of you & are always willing to meet new gasser fans

Seeya on the board @nostalgia races & custom car shows.

Thanks for having me aboard.
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Welcome Dave! Look forward to seeing your cars!
WELCOME WELCOME WELCOME Dave, glad to have you on board.
!948 austin GREENHORN

Welcome Dave! Look forward to seeing your cars!
Hi 46 Austin:

Here is picture of my 48 austin 2 doo GREENHORN

I am installing a 487 cu in blown bb on alcahol with a 2 spd glide to run with the period correct class rules established by Rocky Pirrone


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Cool austin, glad to have another on board....welcome.
Wow, some great car there. Nice. Welcome to the board, we are really getting some Class Gas on the board. More pics of more cars please. MArk L
Welcome to GasserHotrods Dave enjoy the site.
Welcome! That's a cool car!

Glad you're here!


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hi dave and welcome. good to have you here. cool ride.
Welcome to the group Dave! Very nice Austin!
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