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Hello from Texas

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My name is Dustin and I'm also a member on the HAMB. I'm new to Gassers and I've always wanted to build one. So thats what brings me to this site. I have a 1953 Ford Mainline 2dr sedan that I hope to build into a gasser soon! I'm currently collecting parts & info. I have the engine & tranny ready to go for the gasser project already.... 360cid SBC, 194 double humps, crane roller rockers, cam is 305 duration / .525" lift, extra noisey gear drive, Edlebrock TR1 dual quad tunnel ram with 2 Edlebrock 500cfm, TH350....may go 2 speed powerglide. Can't wait!
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Welcome to the site Dustin, sounds interesting on your build, we need pics, is this street gasser or strip gasser?
Sounds like a cool car. Any pics? I had to look it up to see what they look like. Found this one:

I could see it. What color are you thinking?

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Welcome Dustin. When I was a kid (15) working in the gas station across the street from my house there was a guy with a 53 or 54 glass roof crown Vic that would come in every morning to get gas to drive to college. This would have been 1966-1967. It was one of the coolest cars. Set up high gasser like but factory suspended (I think), big FE (touted to be a 427???) and it literally shook the windows as it sat idling while I filled it up. Remember seeing an ooil can fall off the shelf because of the vibrations once. It was also a forest green. Always loved the look of that car. I really want to watch your build and see another '53-'54 come alive. Get us some pics and start your build in the project section. On this site you'll get nothing but encouragement. HELL, they even like my Catalina????. Shows just how crazy they are about gassers here, heh! Great having you aboard. Mark L
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Welcome, Dustin! I like your choice of car to build as a gasser. Is this gonna be a street or strip car or both? Either way, have fun doing the build and even more fun driving the wheels off it when it's done. Oh yeah, don't forget pix! We love pix here!
Hey Dustin WELCOME. those old mid fifties fords make great gassers. Please keep us all informed.
RE: Intro

Wow... Sounds like a fun bunch here. Yes thats the model '53 I own in the picture but its not as nice as that one, mine needs lots of work but I'm okay with that. I want to build it for the street... not saying I wouldn't take it to the track... did a little bracket racing in high school with my '79 camaro. It was a lot of fun, nothin' like that feeling sitting on the line staged....waiting for the green. My color choice is always changing but I think for now ....I really like the... edit: 1955 Corvette White. Heres a couple pictures of mine.

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Here are some more pictures... this one is for Marks63PontiacGasser..... 'The Glasser Gasser'

another I like.. Transverse spring

Thanks guys for the warm welcome & encouragement.

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That's a great car, and I love the present color! 2dr. sedans make very nice gassers!
Hey Dustin, just about right. Just need it in dark forest green. I always loved the idea of the glass roof on a race car. Just a touch of class on an otherwise serious car. I sure hope you go the full gasser route. Your '53 would really look good that way. But even stock suspension but up on the air would look good. But I think the radiused rear wheelwells and big tires sitting just at the body edge is a must on that car. I'm looking forward to seeing the build progress. What 6 cylinder is in there now? Be kind of neat to supercharge/or turbocharge the Ford 300 big six and go that way. Mark L
Welcome Dustin,
Always liked the 'little' Fords, they don't get the respect they deserve.

Thanks guys for the encouragement..... Its a lot of work & planning and sometimes overwhelming but I still love it.
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