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Hello from Texas

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Just wanted to say hello to all. Sorry about my user name, but that's what I go by on the tri-five website. Although I am building a pro-street 55 Chevy, I love the gassers and wanted to join the site to show my support. I have access to a 55 Ford Custom 2-dr post that is just begging to be "gassed". Good luck with all of your projects and I'll maybe have a future gasser as well.
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Welcome and your welcome to look in anytime. Maybe you'll get the urge sooner. Throw us some pics of the your '55 anyways. Any '55 is worth a look. We love all cars and horsepower. Mark L
Thanks Mark. I like your tin indian. My buddy has an old 63 Catalina 4-dr that you could hide a football team in the trunk. There's more chrome in the interior of that car than they put on an entire car now (if any at all). They sure made some cool looking land yaghts in the late 50's and early 60's.
Welcome, prostr55.

Welcome to the group! I agree, that pictures of both '55's need to be shared!
Welcome Prostr, get some tin and get going on it,,,
Hey Prostr WELCOME. Bunch'a great gassers here hope you enjoy the site.
Welcome! A '55 Ford makes a great gasser! Maybe with a BBC, or SBC???;)
hi ya and welcome. good to have you here.
Welcome to GasserHotrods ProStr55 enjoy the site.
Thanks guys. I will try to take some photos and post them. I haven't acquired the Ford as of yet. I am most familiar with big block Chevys but I have a friend with two 460s just sitting on the floor in his outbuilding that he admits he'll never do anything with them. Never tackled a Ford but I love all big blocks no matter what make.
460 Fords are awsome motors. A Gasser '55 Ford with a built and chromed out 460 would be reallysweet. Physically that motor is so large it would really be an "in your face" type powerplant. I say jump on it and keep us updated. Mark L
Yeah, that same buddy has a tunnel-rammed 429 in his T-bucket and the motor looks stupid big. He raised the motor and channeled the body over the frame. I told him it looked like a Hot Wheels car and the thing runs like a striped-butted ape. If possible, I'll post some pics of his car as well. While I'm at it, are the factory heads sufficient enough to run or do I need to look elsewhere? I don't know if the DOVE heads are rare or not but I've heard they are good ones to have besides going to the aftermarket.
With one that old a BBC wouldn't be an issue, so go that route if you're more familiar with them. It will be way cheaper building the BBC or SBC too!
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