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Hello from soon to be american

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Hello all Peter here.
Along with my three Cats (one of whom accompanied me from our native country Australia) I am almost ready to live my dream of being an American.
Presently we are in Mexico and I am lucky enough to have an American Sponsor Family, I am presently looking at procedure required to train for my American Commercial Drlivers Licence, Department of Migration say that if I have job or training leading DIRECTLY to job then all is OK.
So presently doing allot of quick looking, as long as job is long term and permanent (minimum 4 days per week) it´s acceptable.
So the future looking GOOD.
My favourite American States are the Carolina´s \ Pennsylvania \ Vermont \ Maine, of course I am interested in the others just that these have always been favourites of mine.
OK have finish here for now, will be back tomorrow Peter.
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Let me be the first to welcome you to the Gasser board. Anything Gasser, run of the mill Cars like belly button '55's (just kidding guys--Hey I said I was kidding--sheeesh 8^) or one offs. We like them all. Very happy to have you on board. You'll have to tell us your story. Cars you've had and cars you want to have. If you have a car show it off, if you start a build go in the projects section and start a thread. We love seeing other peoples ideas and designs and sharing what info and experiences we've accumulated. Where are you thinking of settling down or are you waiting for a job offer to kind of tell you where you'll end up? It's got to be an exciting time in your life. Australia has always been a place I'd really like to go to someday. Hope to see your dreams come true. We always have room for more here. In the states and on the board. Mark L
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Hello Mark THANKS for your nice words of welcome and I LOVE that big Pontiac of yours.
I have owned everything from 998cc Mini to 1974 Corvette with full race LT-1 350 Small Block, though loving Gassers ahve had little to do with them the rules in my home country are VERY strict.
One example.
As we know a 4 point race harness is the safest type to have - - - in West Australia a few years ago was ILLEGAL to have such a harness in a Street Car.
Also in my home state full 6 point roll cages are ILLEGAL.
Reason, well they are meant for RACE type cars and as such have NO place in a Street Registered Vehicle. interesting logic or what???.
And Gasser type machines, suffice to say would not even be allowed to run them on a Club Permit (used for car runs ONLY), but I have a lifetime of expierence to call on so soon as settled will commence a build up.
As to WHERE - - - in America, this is dependant on job\training leading to job offers and also my personal chooses, I am planning once established to do courses in both Gun Smithing and Panel Beating, so of course states that are auto\gun friendly are at top of my list New Hampsire - Vermont - Carolians - Pennsylvania to name but a few.
OK going to check repiles to my other posts. Peter.
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Welcome Peter! Seems like your interest for coming to the USA is to enjoy your freedoms, and that's as good a reason as there ever was to come here! In addition to building cars I also took gunsmithing classes and do restorations of antique firearms, mostly very old stuff from the late 1800's.
Hope you get settled soon and I hope the U.S. is everything you're looking for!
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